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I still can't wrap my mind around the episode.
So this entry will not have bullet points at all.
It's gonna be random mutterings while I'm in a cab to school.

"I don't know"
I can't get over the way he says that. And he has that look on his face like everythings messed up in his head but yet it's all clear now, that everything he's ever done to Cuddy, with Cuddy makes sense.
And she sees it too, feels it too and tries to move away from him slightly.

He moves forward and knows what he wants now. It's like solving the puzzle. He even has the same face. Wilson described House's 'eureka' moment perfectly - "and now you're going to leave and not say a word". He did just that, solved the puzzle but this time realises that it's not as simple to 'cure'. That's why he says good night and leaves.
Idk if i'm even verbalizing that right but you get what I mean right. There's a parallel and I love that.

Cuddy's his puzzle not in the literal sense but she interests him the way a puzzle does. He's probably gonna deny it to hell and back so I'm going to be prepared for a whole season of denial. And as much frustration as that will cause me I can't wait.

Gah! That moment pre-kiss was all I needed to see really. Everythg else after that was just decoration.

The episode to a certain extent is predictable. But this is what happens when you're a spoiler whore. I expected the birth mother to back out, for the baby to survive but Cuddy still won't be a mother.

However, I did not expect the emotion on her face and then how she slumps over as she stands there and cries. That was just beautiful, how she stands there, dressed immaculately in her midnight blue jacket and skirt and her high heels, she's perfect, not a loser at all. But yet she is because she has everythg but at the same time nothing.

Gaaaah! Lisa drags my heart across the floor and I still want more. I'm seriously too blown over by all the emotions that I can't flail.

Wow all that mindfucking is doing me in and I'm already in class. I must really thank my group mates for understanding how much House means to me and understanding that I won't come to school early because I have to stay home to download and watch House. I love you guys, Eliana and Nuurul, for making my House Day happen!

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