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cross post from the drabble-a-thon

(This is actually part of this fic i've been working on. But thought this part would make a good drabble. So hopefully i'll finish the rest of the fic one of these days and i'll post it in its entirety. Enjoy this though my lovelies! And did i mention that this post has proven that there are SOOOOOOO many AMAZING H/C writers out there. i kowtow to all of your talents!!)

The first time they had sex they were both too stoned to remember every single detail. She remembered coming over one night and she could smell the weed emanating through his off-campus apartment. She then realized why he had called her, rambling in a desperate voice.

Somehow by the end of the night he had managed to convince her that life would feel a little better stoned. It did. She remembered feeling overly happy after her fifth orgasm hit her in a tidal wave.

The second time it happened, both of them remembered every single aspect so much so that Gregory House felt suffocated and never wanted to talk about it, opting to brush it off with jokes about his brilliance in bed and the magnificent amount of boobs and ass that she had. He would never admit that he was scared of Lisa Cuddy – scared of all the things she could make him feel.

The third time it happened, they were both drunk but not drunk enough to lose all inhibition, cursing themselves for forgetting the jumbled up feelings that surfaced after the second time they had sex.

Not drunk enough to forget what had happened when they woke up in the morning – the moans she let out at the feel of his tongue on her skin and the low growl he released when they both came.

Not drunk enough to not be able to realize that she had wanted him so much she could feel the ache palpitating in the pits of her stomach and that his eyes were dark and hazy, the blue in them dilated with desire for her.

By the forth time it happened, they both knew the skin on skin contact wouldn’t end anytime soon, deciding to throw all inhibitions out the door and just letting their desire take over. As she lay on his chest, her breathing slowly returning to normal, she knew she had to set boundaries to this thing.

“House,” she heard herself say softly and she could feel his hand stop its motion through her hair as she continued, “Do you want to continue this whole sex thing?”

“I get to fondle your Wonder Twins and grab that rotund ass on a regular basis? Sweeeet.” She smiled slightly at this convoluted attempt at a compliment and approval.

“Yeah, regular basis. Promise me one thing, though?” she asked, burying her face in his neck. She couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Anything for the twins,” he muttered.

“Don’t fall in love with me.” She could feel him shifting and the silence began to seem deafening. She got up quickly, not needing to hear his response.

As she tried to find her bra, she could hear him say, “Alright. You have to promise me not to fall in love with me too.”

She moved to stand at the end of the bed, facing him directly, not bothering to cover up her naked form. She smiled cheekily, just then. “It’s a bet.”

He pulls her by the hand and they have sex for the fifth time; both defiantly trying to win the bet. They end up moaning each other’s name as they reach their peak together; realizing that not falling in love might be harder than they thought.

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